Wild Animal Kingdom

Take readers beyond the zoo and into the habitats of the world's most intriguing animals. Diagrams, graphs, and other infographics give readers visual literacy practice, while also digging into the animals' appearances, daily lives, and homes. This hi/lo series is perfect for cause/effect studies and understanding craft and structure. It truly is a wild animal kingdom out there.

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School Library Connection, October 2016

"In this bright and colorful series, readers will learn facts about wild animals. Each book is organized the same way, providing information about what the animal eats, where it lives, and which animals are predators. The text is full of facts and is interesting to read. There is a clear Table of Contents, Glossary, and Index as well as bold words (that are defined in the Glossary at the end of the book), maps, and photographs with labels — making this an excellent series to teach text features as well as share facts about wild animals. At the end of each book is a list of resources (books and websites) for more information. Recommended"

Booklist, September 2016

"This entry in the Wild Animal Kingdom series, part of the Bolt line of high/low books, cozies up to the red fox. The interestingly written narrative begins with a "day in the life" of this creature, which boasts an arresting photo of a fox mid-pounce. Next, readers learn that red foxes inhabit nearly the entire northern hemisphere, rural and urban areas alike, and maintain an omnivorous diet. The remaining two chapters feature descriptive facts about family units, the red fox's contributions to ecosystems, and its predators, humans chief among them. Throughout, numerous color photos and infographics appear, including a size chart, a pictorial food chain, and a "By the Numbers" spread of vulpine facts. A useful research book for reluctant readers or kids with a keen interest in animals that share their world."

Titles in This Series

Black Bears
Sea Turtles
Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Black Bears
Sea Turtles
Ring-Tailed Lemurs
African ElephantsAfrican Elephants
Black BearsBlack Bears
Gray WolvesGray Wolves
Killer WhalesKiller Whales
Red FoxesRed Foxes
Ring-Tailed LemursRing-Tailed Lemurs
Sea TurtlesSea Turtles