A Little Bit Spooky

From ghosts to Bigfoot sightings, paranormal topics and urban legends captivate even the most reluctant of readers. With clear text and simple graphics, this series safely introduces children to mysterious topics and invites them to investigate the things that might make their world just a little bit spooky.

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Top 10 Paranormal Series, Booklist, October 2020

"The entries in this series impart the right amount of spookiness while introducing paranormal creatures and phenomena, like ghosts, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Bermuda Triangle. Dark backgrounds with luminous colors, infographics, and other visuals enhance the simple text. "

Booklist, October 2020

"Because even small children wonder about the paranormal, Black Rabbit's A Little Bit Spooky series presents, as the series name suggest, just the right amount of creepy with short, simple text and numerous infographics. Bigfoot (2020), for instance, has a full-page recreated monster with "bad smells," "big feet" (of course), and a height comparison with a grizzly bear."

Booklist, July 2020

"As the series name, A Little Bit Spooky, suggests, its volumes impart just enough, age-appropriate spookiness to intrigue children. In short chapters, double-page spreads comprise a few sentences of simple text that introduce a paranormal creature of phenomenon, strange encounters with it, and how some scientists study and explain what's actually going on in nature. More-difficult vocabulary is defined on the page and in a glossary. The plethora of graphics, including digitally created images with dark backgrounds and luminous colors, infographics, diagrams, maps, and fact boxes are the real enticement, however The Bermuda Triangle describes strange happenings and the high number of missing planes and ships in the area between Florida and Bermuda. Even Christopher Columbus saw weird lights there! Bigfoot relates the creature's commonly described characteristics, sightings of it around the world, and how researchers study it. Haunted Places focuses on famous ghost sightings, such as the White House and Alcatraz, and how ghost hunters look for answers. The Loch Ness Monster highlights different possibilities of what Nessie may be and includes the now famous blurry photo of the supposed monster. Each book concludes with a full page of "Bonus Facts" featuring a large, culminating image surrounded by fun, related facts. Just the right amount of mystery for young, imaginative readers."

School Library Journal, April 2020

"Basic information is shared in this well-written, interesting series. The writing is simple and smooth. The covers and interior art are dramatic, sometimes scary, and each volume opens in an intriguing manner. Infographics in each title include size comparisons (height, length, weight); percentages of believers and nonbelievers in various phenomena; and labeled maps displaying locations of creature sightings. Alternative explanations are provided, exposing readers to different viewpoints. 'FACT' sidebars appear throughout volumes; 'What do you think?' questions stimulate critical thinking and decision-making skills. 'Bonus Facts' at the conclusion of each title offer additional relevant trivia. VERDICT Recommended for school and public libraries. Ghosts and Haunted Places seem redundant. Strongest: Aliens and The Bermuda Triangle. Have students refer to texts to support discussions about which creatures or phenomena are real or not and why they think so."

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Crop Circles
Area 51
Crop Circles
Area 51
Area 51Area 51
Crop CirclesCrop Circles
Haunted PlacesHaunted Places
The Bermuda TriangleThe Bermuda Triangle
The Loch Ness MonsterThe Loch Ness Monster