Climb into the ring, and put some of your favorite animals and plants to the test. Could a tiny ant be stronger than a huge gorilla? Could a pufferfish win against a hippo? Through humorous illustrations and engaging text, these nonfiction early chapter books will have readers exploring the features and adaptations of popular animals and plants.

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Pufferfish vs. Hippo, Children's Literature, January 2022

Small pufferfish and huge hippos may be very different sizes, but both creatures are big dangers for unsuspecting animals. When pufferfish swell up, their sharp spines hurt attackers' mouths and they release powerful toxins that can be deadly, and a hippo's sharp teeth and mighty jaw could snap a human in half. But in a battle between the two of them, who would win—pufferfish or hippo? This "Versus!" title compares the size, speed, and protective and dangerous properties of pufferfish and hippos via real-life facts and photos, which are then paired with amusing digital illustrations and conversational text for a unique delivery which is entertaining and lighthearted among nonfiction titles. Curious readers will gain a greater understanding of pufferfish and hippo traits after reading this book and may be better able to define key terms, such as "gene" and "toxin." ...

Jellyfish vs. Cobra, Children's Literature, January 2022

Two deadly creatures have undeniably incredible features, and readers seeing them together must wonder which is more dangerous, a venomous jellyfish sting or a poisonous cobra bite? A catchy opening chapter title, The Swish or the Slither, sets the tone for this captivating read, which is a seamless delivery of fascinating facts, fantastic photographs, and awe-inspiring details with comic relief provided by humorous illustration. Faster-than-a-bullet darts of a jellyfish can fire even after the jelly has died, and some cobras don't even have to bite their prey to inject poison—they can spit it. Impressive information abounds, and the audience will expand critical thinking skills while diving into the four age-appropriately brief, yet insightful chapters, before transitioning to closing debate topics and evaluating ongoing research. Readers can brainstorm whether or not humans should try to eliminate dangerous jellies and cobras, and they can problem solve and reflect upon current studies which aim to utilize jellyfish and cobra venom for pain-relief properties in humans. A striking delivery of a winning read in the "Versus!" collection.

Beaver vs. Piranha, Children's Literature, January 2022

To begin, readers consider the question of "[w]hich toothy grin would win?" Unlikely opponents, beaver and piranha, are matched up with species-specific comparisons to help readers determine which animal would champion a "chomping contest." Fascinating teeth facts, including the evidence that beavers' iron-layered teeth never stop growing or that piranhas can bite through flesh and bone, give readers the background knowledge needed for deciding which creature has the strongest bite power. Defense strategies, such as a beaver slapping its tail or a piranha barking to warn of danger, provides additional evidence as readers utilize critical thinking skills in discussing the good-natured debate of beaver vs. piranha. Glossary terms, including "gnash" and "gnaw," are a valid resource for beginning readers; while the Take It One More Step page promotes further brainstorming for advanced readers when considering questions such as the role beavers play in nature and the consequences that would follow if beavers became extinct. Full-page photographs displaying the impressive teeth of beavers and piranhas give readers a close-up view of mouths that are typically best viewed from afar, and accompanying illustrations add variety to the visuals and establish a comical approach to the amusing "Versus!" debate.

Ant vs. Gorilla, Children's Literature, January 2022

Miniature ants and massive gorillas may differ in size and appearance, but their shared attributes of strength, smarts, and power in numbers challenge these two animals to a "Versus!" contest, where readers have the power to choose the champion. The comical cover illustration, depicting a gorilla-hoisting ant, will capture the attention of readers; and the combination of humorous interior illustrations and nature photographs further engages the audience as they learn unique traits of gorillas and ants through fact-packed text and a glossary of key terms. Competing characteristics, such as how ants can work as a million-strong group in defense against giant animals, or how gorillas have learned the use of tools to eat insects, including ants, transitions readers to the open-ended final debate of "who would win?" ...

Booklist, March 2018

"The Versus! series (6 titles), part of the playful new Hi Jinx imprint, pits two unlikely opponents from nature against each other for a high-interest showdown. Here the odoriferous corpse flower steps into the ring with the fanged Venus flytrap, but how will readers know which to back? The first two chapters highlight each plant's key characteristics and defenses, giving readers a clear understanding of what makes these flora so fierce. Will the corpse flower's hulking size triumph over the Venus flytrap's carnivorous cravings? Ultimately, it's up to the reader to decide. The two remaining chapters draw attention to habitat threats and challenge readers to think critically. The engaging mix of infographics, photos, and cartoonish artwork illustrate the conversational (and slightly sensational) text, making these plant facts easy to digest."

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Slow Loris vs. Koala
Pufferfish vs. Hippo
Pteranodon vs. Eagle
Jellyfish vs. Cobra
Beaver vs. Piranha
Ant vs. Gorilla
Ant vs. GorillaAnt vs. Gorilla
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