Summer Reading 2023

This year's Collaborative Summer Library Program theme is "All Together Now," and we're excited to celebrate kindness, friendship, and unity with humorous titles. Spend the summer reading (and laughing) with these high-interest titles from Black Rabbit Books.

Rapping Rhymes about Friends—Discover how combining the musical rhythms of rap with information about friends can engage readers in new ways; revealing just how great our world can truly be! Grades 4–6.

Aesop's Funny Fables—Classic tales with a silly spin is the name of the game with this series. Readers will explore Aesop's Fables through modern, humorous retellings paired with engaging, funny illustrations. Learning moral lessons has never been this entertaining. Grades 4–6.

Caring for Your Pet Dinosaur—Who says pet dinosaurs won't make good friends? Help readers explore what it would take to actually have a dinosaur as a pet with this humorous Hi Jinx series. Who would have imagined that such creatures make great lifelong friends! Grades 4–6.

Caring for Your Magical Pet—Magical pets make for great lifelong friends, too! With humorous imagery that works hand in hand with the text, this series is sure to spark young readers' imaginations and prove, once again, just how fun reading can be!. Grades 4–6.

Check out these series on our Hi Jinx imprint page.