2022 Review Round-Up

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

The year 2022 has garnered some great reviews for our high-interest series. Check out our highlight reel below!

Bolt Jr.
Awesome Animal Lives (African Elephants, Sea Turtles)
"The layouts are filled with fantastic, color photographs...Children who are drawn to animals will probably enjoy this title (and the others) which is part of the Awesome Animal Lives series." —Children's Literature

"Children will enjoy the color photographs which provide magnificent, close-up views of different sea turtles." —Children's Literature

A Little Bit Spooky (UFOs)
"Readers interested in unexplained happenings, alien life forms, or paranormal events will find this book, and the whole series, both appealing and thought-provoking." —Children's Literature

Un poco escalofriante (Círculos en los cultivos, PES)
"This information, linked to data the author presents about public beliefs about crop circles and alien visitations, helps make this book an entertaining read and one that certainly will appeal to youngsters interested in such unexplained happenings." —Children's Literature

"This book, and the series it belongs to, provide a concise look into the world of the unexplained and, as such, should appeal to a significant number of young readers." —Children's Literature

Our Favorite Dogs (Beagles, Chihuahuas, Labrador Retrievers, Pugs)
"It is these stubborn little hounds that are presented in this publication in such a way that any potential owners of this breed would be well-advised to peruse this book." —Children's Literature

"Affectionate to children, chihuahuas remain a very popular breed and one that is well-described in this informative book." —Children's Literature

"This introductory book will appeal to young dog lovers and help families make a good decision about what dog they should select." —Children's Literature

"Children and parents who are considering a pug as a family pet would do well to read this book before making such an important decision." —Children's Literature

Emergency Vehicles (Ship Lifeboats)
"The infographics are where the real excitement is, as these use a combination of photos and graphics to relate the relative size of lifeboats, their equipment and supplies, and "Bonus Facts." A sea- and shelf-worthy offering." —Children's Literature

Olympic Greats
"It is the stories of male and female athletes such as these who shone at the Olympic Games that are concisely told in this informative and engaging book." —Children's Literature

"The end result is a book that will appeal to younger readers with an interest in sports and the great accomplishments of Olympians." —Children's Literature

"Stories such as these will leave readers with a sense of wonder over just what people can accomplish when they determine to develop their talents." —Children's Literature

"These amazing athletes are part of the reason why Olympic track and field remains a pillar of the Summer Games and why this concisely written book will engage readers interested in sports." —Children's Literature

"With an emphasis on stats, this entertaining look at athletes will appeal to sports fans and visual learners." —School Library Journal

Spooky Spots (Haunted Hotels, Haunted Houses, Haunted Prisons, Haunted Ships)
"The author provides, in this very small book, an unbiased view of these buildings, and the reports about them. For curious-minded readers and travelers." —Children's Literature

"A good mix of what is allegedly believed to be actual sightings, and what appears to be entirely fiction." —Children's Literature

"After reading this book, and perhaps visiting one or more of these historic, possibly haunted sites, decide for yourself whether there is any truth to the stories you've read." —Children's Literature

"[T]he author's writing on the subject does lend a chill to the air, as he carefully describes the phenomena of each ship's story." —Children's Literature

Super Sea Creatures (Moray Eels, Octopuses, Seahorses, Stingrays)
"Color snapshots and diagrams support information shared throughout this book. The series is a good addition for a science unit." —Children's Literature

"Readers will find basic information like habitat, diet, and life cycle. Color photographs are found throughout the book. The set of books makes for a nice addition for a science unit on sea animals." —Children's Literature

"A graph allows readers to easily compare sizes of different kinds of seahorses, and another graph compares the length of a baby seahorse to an adult. All of the books in this series have a similar format and presentation, which would support students as they learn to use informational text features with some guidance." —Children's Literature

"The collection would be a good supplemental resource for a science unit." —Children's Literature

U.S. Military Forces (Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Special Ops Forces)
"By book's end, readers who enjoy learning about the military will be motivated to check into additional resources and learn more about the most powerful of all the elements in the armed services." —Children's Literature

"Young readers with an interest in military topics or preference for action-filled books will enjoy this publication, which does a nice job of introducing the U.S. Coast Guard and the dedicated men and women who serve within it." —Children's Literature

"Each book concisely addresses the critical functions and missions of the featured branch ... Age-appropriate vocabulary enables readers to grasp the key concepts presented." —Children's Literature

"The end result is a very informative book that will appeal to youngsters interested in soldiers and the work they do." —Children's Literature

Hi Jinx
Caring for Your Pet Dinosaur
"an amusing way to introduce dinosaur facts." —Booklist

"The art is brightly colored and exuberant - even the dinosaurs are grinning. The backmatter includes three comprehension questions, a glossary, reference titles for more learning, and a basic index." —Children's Literature

Just for Laughs
"Teachers looking for a joke to share while transitioning between activities, or readers hungry for jokes to share may appreciate this book, and all of the titles in the series." —Children's Literature

"These books will do nicely to update any joke book collection." —School Library Journal

Awesome, Disgusting Careers (Water & Sewer Jobs, Animal Care Jobs, Science Jobs)
The book strikes a good balance of playing up the jobs' fetid features and tipping its hat to those that choose to work in these industries. —Children's Literature

"Students this age might want to work with animals and this book gives a deeper understanding of what that might mean. A student who otherwise may not like reading might find a gross book appealing. An excellent library book for kids to learn more about the world and careers." —Children's Literature

"The illustrations and photographs are educational and smile-inducing." —Children's Literature

"These books are ideal for the younger set as well as readers looking for simple but engaging animal books." —Booklist

"The comical cover illustration ... will capture the attention of readers; and the combination of humorous interior illustrations and nature photographs further engages the audience as they learn unique traits of gorillas and ants through fact-packed text and a glossary of key terms." —Children's Literature

" ... accompanying illustrations add variety to the visuals and establish a comical approach to the amusing "Versus!" debate." —Children's Literature

"Impressive information abounds, and the audience will expand critical thinking skills while diving into the four age-appropriately brief, yet insightful chapters ..." —Children's Literature

" …real-life facts and photos, which are then paired with amusing digital illustrations and conversational text for a unique delivery which is entertaining and lighthearted among nonfiction titles." —Children's Literature