Using Humor to Connect with Readers

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

"I don't like to read."

There's a chance you've heard a student say that phrase before, and you know what that statement loosely translates to: I haven't found a book I like to read … yet.

It's hard for readers to enjoy reading if they don't know what they're reading about. That's why we're determined to give reluctant readers books they will enjoy.

This is where the humor comes in. Kids love to laugh. So why not laugh while you read? Laughter lightens the situation and can make the reader relax, allowing them to truly enjoy what they're reading.

Our Hi Jinx imprint has books perfect for pranksters, do-it-yourselfers, joke-tellers, and anyone who doesn't think they like to read. With leveled text, dynamic photos, and consistent features, readers get the support they need. Humorous and down-to-earth text gives them the reading experience they want.

Start reading, start laughing, and get in on the Hi Jinx!

Posted July 1, 2022