Summer Reading

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

This year's Collaborative Summer Library Program theme is "Oceans of Possibilities," and we couldn't be more excited to dive in. From the robots that brave the depths to the mythical creatures that might call them home, the world's oceans provide a variety of engaging reading topics. Make a splash this summer with these high-interest series from Black Rabbit Books.

Swimming with Sharks—From the mighty great white to the alienlike goblin shark, earth's oceans are full of sharks. With speed, strength, and stealth, they make the perfect predators. They also make the ideal reading topics for young readers. ATOS 3.0–3.3

World of Robots—From exploring space to exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, robots are becoming a big part of human life. With engaging graphics and charts that emphasize visual literacy, let readers explore the impacts robots are having on our world and our future. ATOS 1.9–2.1

Super Sea Creatures—Let readers dive deep and explore the features, diets, and threats facing these incredible ocean animals, from giant octopuses to tiny seahorses. Vibrant photography takes readers up close while maps, charts, and other infographics highlight key concepts and emphasize visual literacy. ATOS 3.0–3.3

Caring for Your Magical Pets—So you brought home a baby sea monster. Now what? Owning a magical pet is fun, but it's also a huge responsibility. Give readers the help they need to give their magical pets happy, healthy homes with this playful series. ATOS 3.0–3.4

Survival Guides You Didn't Know You Needed—You never know, you could be shipwrecked at sea someday! Equip readers with the skills to survive ridiculous situations as a seemingly rouge author guides them through worst-case scenarios. ATOS 3.3–3.4

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