Get Ready for Summer!

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Every year, we all look forward to the amazing break that is summer vacation. But then we dread that brain drain we see in our kids as the vacation comes to a close. Am I right?

Well, Black Rabbit has the cure! Summer books need to be fun, mischievous, and wacky. And that's exactly what our Hi Jinx books are.

Survival Guides You Didn't Know You Needed — get kids laughing and "preparing" for wild situations!

Silly Sketcher — step by step drawing books for hands-on activities on rainy days.

Our Gross, Awesome World — jam packed with crazy trivia that will gross out and amaze.

Spy Kids — a series that will dig into the history of spies and then encourage kids to try some spy techniques of their own.

Just for Laughs — straight up silly joke books for good 'ole summer laughs.

Find all of these series and more on the Hi Jinx page!