2018 Review Roundup

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

It's hard to believe 2018 is almost done. It's been a hopping year here at Black Rabbit Books. If you're looking for some new books to add to your collection before the year is out, here are a few titles and their reviews to help you make your choices!

Build Your Own Scribble Bot
"In this quick, easy-to-follow installment in the Bot Maker series (6 titles), children can gain experience and have some fun building a scribble bot, a robot made out of a plastic cup, markers, a 9-volt battery, and a small motor. The illustrated list of materials appears at the beginning, and the clear, step-by-step instructions are accompanied by helpfully detailed images. Tips and suggestions accompany the text ... Concluding questions invite readers to imagine how they can change and improve their robots, and a glossary and list of helpful websites point kids in the direction of more resources and ideas about robot building. Ideal for library makerspaces." —Booklist

Corpse Flower vs. Venus Flytrap
"The Versus! series (6 titles), part of the playful new Hi Jinx imprint, pits two unlikely opponents from nature against each other for a high-interest showdown. Here the odoriferous corpse flower steps into the ring with the fanged Venus flytrap, but how will readers know which to back? The first two chapters highlight each plant's key characteristics and defenses, giving readers a clear understanding of what makes these flora so fierce. Will the corpse flower's hulking size triumph over the Venus flytrap's carnivorous cravings? Ultimately, it's up to the reader to decide. The two remaining chapters draw attention to habitat threats and challenge readers to think critically. The engaging mix of infographics, photos, and cartoonish artwork illustrate the conversational (and slightly sensational) text, making these plant facts easy to digest." —Booklist

Famous Spies
"A cartoon goon in a trench coat and fedora lurks through the pages of this high-interest offering in the Spy Kid series (6 titles). The short sentences, alluring topic, and visually appealing design—a mix of digital art and period photos accented with primary-colored pop-art flair—will intrigue even reluctant or struggling readers. Each two-page spread profiles a famous spy, giving a brief account of their clandestine activities and ultimate fate; differences in motive (money versus principles) and type of spy (e.g., double agent) are also given. Three men and three women are featured, including James Bond–inspiration Sidney Reilly and WWII spies Krystyna Skarbek and Virginia Hall. The final chapter offers some advice and skills tips for wannabe spies, while three critical-thinking questions encourage more serious contemplation. A sneaky crowd-pleaser." —Booklist