Where the Magic Hoppens

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

In this Behind-the-Scenes installment, we wanted to show you where we hop to every day—our rabbit hutch, if you will. We live on the prairie in south central Minnesota. (As you can see from the picture, wild prairie flowers actually bloom in front of our beautiful building.) Our town of North Mankato sits along the lovely Minnesota River, and driving up the steep hills can give some truly breathtaking views. Not bad for some bunnies, right?
[Note: Can you tell we love this time of year? We'll have to do an update when the snow is in 6-foot drifts over our cars.]

Inside, our upstairs office space overlooks the warehouse that stores thousands of titles. When we need inspiration we can just hop around there for awhile. Our customer service and accounting teams live downstairs, not making nearly as many rabbit references.

We've posted more photos on our Facebook page. Hop over there and check them out!