Introducing ... Hi Jinx!

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Here at BRB, we believe every single child has the ability to become an awesome reader. By meeting struggling readers where they are, we can inspire, encourage, and grow their young minds.

Our mission, and our promise, is to provide the very best books for struggling readers.

Introducing … Hi Jinx!

The newest imprint in the Black Rabbit family is a brand of books that's bold, high-energy, funny, and a little mischievous. Hi Jinx books are perfect for pranksters, do-it-yourselfers, and anyone who doesn't think they like to read.

Studies show that humor and hands-on learning are two of the BEST approaches to engaging struggling and reluctant readers. And that's why we created Hi Jinx. Leveled text, dynamic photos, and consistent features give readers the supports they need. Humorous and down-to-earth text give them the reading experience they want.

Educators will also find "hidden" in these books:
makerspace activities
procedural text
studies on different points of view
debate topics
opportunities for critical thinking and analysis
real-life science applications
and much, much more!

Jump down the rabbit hole, and get in on the Hi Jinx!