BRB Launches Bolt Imprint

Black Rabbit Bolt Books

Bolt books provide an innovative approach to school/library nonfiction, combining leveled text for struggling readers with dynamic page layouts and infographics that appeal to ALL readers. "Reluctant readers need on-ramps to get them reading," says Jen Besel publisher of Black Rabbit Books. "What we've created with Bolt are books that cover topics kids love in a package any kid can succeed with. The text allows for scaffolding in a classroom, and the infographics give readers visual literacy practice. And most importantly, the books are FUN to look at and read."

"There is a line in education," says Jonathan Strickland, vice-president of sales, "where students cross or fail to cross. It's their success at the grade 3 level of reading proficiency that is that line and the difference between success in reading and failure."

Black Rabbit Books has published 63 Bolt titles across 10 subject areas in this newly imagined book format. "Bolt books are a new approach and will help students succeed. The students who read these books will read with their friends, engage with the text, and the rest, we optimistically say, will be history," says Strickland.

Each book in the Bolt imprint devotes more than 50% of the content to infographic presentations. To learn more about Bolt, please visit the Bolt imprint page.